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Brady attended 2 weeks of a summer program for his high school! It was both a great time yet an exhausting time for him! He was gone for the whole day in a town which is 30 minutes away. He definitely was ready for the usual summer schedule to return!


We lost our old location and now we use 2 locations sometime it will be Parks and Rec and Creative potential Creative has a stress room for you to blow off steam and a video game room to play in and the limit is 15 -20 and it is only for 10 and up as we do not the younger ones to break it and us having to pay for the damage there is also a X box or Ps4 and we do not know how to use it. And another room for the crafts, And there is a bathroom for employees and another one for everyone else.

We, at Brady’s Brigade started a Facebook page to bring the special needs community together. We, host monthly events. We, at Brady’s Brigade aim to be a resourceful place along with a place where the special needs community will always feel both welcomed and empowered.

This group is aimed at the South-Eastern portion of Connecticut.

We, at Brady’s Brigade Special Needs Support Group For Kids know how valuable socialization and the opportunity to be out in the community are in the special needs community.  In this page there are events as well as an abundance of resources listed at the public’s disposal.

Though some of the events may not be designed specifically for families with special considerations, some families may find the events to be interesting.

Please feel free to contact us should you find an event you would like added.

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